It’s a pleasure to announce you the list of RUN Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon special guests. Manga artists, artists who have worked for well known anime and gaming studios and famous self published artists. The artists will accept commissions, sign autographs and will have some exclusive art prints for the audience. Don’t miss some of the workshops too!

1st Featured Guest: Yishan Li

Manga artist Yishan Li will join RUN Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon as special guest. She visits Greece for the first time and has many surprises for the visitors of the event. The famous artist of Paradox Girl and The Clique works now for Dark Horse on Buffy: the High School Years. Don’t miss the chance to meet the manga artist Yishan Li, chat with her and get some of her exclusives collectibles, art prints and posters!

2nd Featured Guest: Nicolas Sauge

Nicolas Sauge is the mutlitalented artist from France, who loves manga, animation and comics! His new comic book series at Le Lombard called "Golam" with Sylvain Dos Santos, Josselin Azorin Lara and Antoine Maurel will be available from his stand. He will also have some exclusive art prints! Don't miss the chance to meet Nicolas at RUN Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon and talk about his future projects!

3rd Featured Guest: Luis Figueiredo

Luis Figueiredo visits Greece for the first time as special guest for RUN Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon Luis has worked in the manga & comics industry abd he has experience with animation. He has worked with different animation studios. His artworks are well known online and his shonen manga art style is very unique. Luis will present his works at RUN Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon and you can get some of his original art works from his stand.  Luis & Mangatellers will talk about their new partnership in R.u.N. Volume #2 and they will share some new previews of the second volume. Don't miss the chance to get to know Luis in person and grab some of his original art works.