We are happy to announce the second featured artist and special guest of RUN Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon.

Nicolas Sauge is the mutlitalented artist from France, who loves manga, animation and comics! His new comic book series at Le Lombard called "Golam" with Sylvain Dos Santos, Josselin Azorin Lara and Antoine Maurel will be available from his stand. He will also have some exclusive art prints! Don't miss the chance to meet Nicolas at RUN Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon!

Some personal information from Nicolas:

Keen on communication and the quest for people's true identity, drawing is a means and pretext for me to vent on an adventure towards "depth". My own depth and that of the people and of the world around me. Through the emotion a drawing can capture, you can talk directly to other people's hearts and relate with them, share your vision. The more I learn, the more I realize that a work of art (/of heart ^_^) is always interactive. Both the creator and the viewer bring in what they have to give ... to one another but also to themselves. It's a simple but strong occasion to meet that familiar stranger in the mirror. Through and thanks to the other. Through yourself.

Professionally, after doing studies in English (master) and a bit of teaching, I started my activity in 2003, working as an independent artist in several branches (comics, communication, advertising, video games and animation). My goal has always been to understand and answer the needs of my clients.

In the past 6 years or so, I've put most of my efforts in becoming a comic book author, writing my own projects and also working with scenario writers. After one comic book storyboard for a studio, I did my first series "Néron" with Josselin Azorin Lara(Indeez - 1 book out of 3, for the young editor went bankrupt) and now, I'm working on a new comic book series at Le Lombard called "Golam" with Sylvain Dos Santos, Josselin Azorin Lara and Antoine Maurel (tome 2 out in June 2016, tome 3 under work). Development of an anime series is also about to begin on this universe which is great because my comic style is precisely very much a mix between  animation and comic book narration. Animation, especially Japanese, is something key to my growth as an artist (Ghibli, Otomo,Toriyama,Kawajiri,Oshii,Togashi, Kishimoto,Oda, etc ... are my "masters" ^_^ !)

Finally, I'm also preparing a 3 volumes comic project with a rapper I've met 2 years ago (Bonkar Thunder Jones) that should really be good (the writing of it has gotten me very excited these days). We're still not sure how we will finance it (crowdfunding, traditional editor, hybrid of both ?), but we really want it to be 100% faithful to our vision (no editorial compromise allowed ^_^)