Cosplay is booming in Greece. It’s not just a trend, but an art form. RUN Thessaloniki gives the opportunity to cosplayers to rent a stand and sell their own merchandise (like posters, custom props, DVDs and Photo Albums). This is a great opportunity for cosplayers show their skills to the public and interact with people!

If you want to join the Manga Artist Alley, then fill in the online form!

  1. How do I order a table?
    Use the contact form below and choose the table you want to obtain. We will check on your application and then decide on it.
  2. What size is the table?
    80 Χ 60 Χ 74.
  3. Can I bring my own tables?
    No, all tables will be provided in RUN Thessaloniki.
  4. Has the stand a back wall?
    Yes. All stands have a back wall. The artist can decorate the back wall with banners and art works. The artists can use ONLY BlueStick.
  5. How many chairs will be provided?
    One chair. For more chairs the artist has to contact the administration office and ask for more chairs with an additional fee.
  6. Can I share my table with back wall with another artist.
    No. Each artist must have one stand. In case there is a team of artists, then they can add more tables/chairs from the online form.
  7. Do I need to obtain a ticket as a cosplayer participating in the Cosplay Alley?
    No, if you have received confirmation of a cosplayer table you have free access to the convention. You will have the same access rights as a weekend ticket holder.
  8. What about my assistant or other people that want to help me?
    These people have to buy a weekend ticket in our shop systems.
  9. As a cosplayer, can I park at the fair?
    The participants of Cosplay Alley can park only on 31/9/2016.
  10. Can I decorate my stand?
    Yes. The cosplayer has the right to freely decorate his stand. He can use brackets but he can’t use any screws on the tables. If tables are damaged they will have to be paid for.
  11. Can I bring my own tablecloth?
    Yes. Cosplayers can bring their own tablecloths. We don’t offer tablecloths at the event.
  12. What happens to items left behind after RUN Thessaloniki?
    Please make sure that all your belongings will be taken away after the show. We are not liable for items left behind and all items left behind will be disposed at the artists costs.
  13. Do you have another question?
    Please contact us under We will answer you as soon as possible.

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