The Shopping Hall of RUN Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon will include booths and stands from our sponsors. You can find a huge collection of exclusive anime & manga products. The merchandise which will be available in the shopping hall will also

Here you can find the list of the exhibitors and sponsors of R.u.N. Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I rent a dealer stand in RUN Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon Shopping Hall?
    Fill in the online application in the end of this segment. Choose the package that suits you. When you complete all the necessary parts of the form, then you can send it for approval. If you are approved then you will receive an affirmative notification in your mail. Then you have to follow the steps in the notification.
  2. How much space is the stand for the dealers in the Shopping Hall of RUN Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon?
    More information soon.
  3. Can I bring my own tables?
    No, all tables will be provided by RUN Thessaloniki IV.
  4. What equipment can I bring with me?
    You can only bring hallstands and coat stands. Even in that case the stand can’t get bigger.
  5. Are there any restrictions concerning the height?
    Yes, all heights shouldn’t be above 300cm.
  6. How much room do I get behind the stand?
    More information soon
  7. What items can I sell?
    As long as the items are legal you are free to sell it. Please mind the youth protection laws when selling DVDs or similar items. No selling of bootlegs or any pirated copies. Selling of food and beverages is only allowed by the restaurants and not by the dealers.
  8. How many chairs can I have?
    More information soon
  9. Can I mail items to RUN Thessaloniki IV?
    Yes but you have to contact us first in this mail:
  10. How many entry tickets will I get with my booking?
    More information soon
  11. Can I have additional tickets?
    Yes. You can order additional tickets.
  12. When can I set up my table?
    Building time will be Friday. Exact time will be announced soon.
  13. Will I get a parking ticket?
    More information soon.
  14. Can I modify my stand according to my preferences?
    Yes. You can use brackets but you must not use any screws on the equipment provided by the administration. If the equipment is damaged they will have to be paid for.
  15. Which material can I use to decorate the wall behind me?
    You must not damage the wall behind you. You can use your own shelves in front of the wall if there is enough space. Posters and pricelists can be attached to the wall as long as they can be removed without any residue later..
  16. Can I bring my own tablecloths?
    Yes. The administration of RUN Thessaloniki IV doesn’t offer tablecloths.
  17. What happens if something is stolen from my table. Is there a insurance for this?
    No you are not insured against theft. Please consider your own insurance.
  18. What happens to items left behind after RUN Thessaloniki IV: AnimeCon?
    Please make sure that your complete booth will taken with you after the show. We are not liable for items left behind and all items left behind will be disposed at the dealers costs.
  19. What are the offering packages for the dealers in the Shopping Hall?
    More information soon
  20. Ποιό είναι το κόστος για τους εκθέτες επιχειρήσεις?
    Πληροφορίες σύντομα
  21. Can I cancel my reservation?
    No. Reservations are definite and not refundable.
  22. You need further information?
    Please give us a note using our contact form. Will get back to you asap.

Budget Pack: 500 Euro + 24% VAT

Stand D1-D5: 5 s.m., 2 chairs, electrical power supply, logo on RUN Thessaloniki Site, Free tickets: 2

Normal Pack: 1.500 Euro + 24% VAT

Stand S3-8: 12 s.m., 2 chairs, electrical power supply, show Spot/trailer from the main stage (2/day), Logo on RUN Thessaloniki site, 1 banner at the entrance. Free Tickets:3

Mega Pack: 2.000 Euro + 24% VAT

Stand S1-2 & S9-10: 12 s.m., 4 chairs, electrical power supply, show Spot/trailer from the main stage (5/ ημέρα), logo on site, 1 banner at the entrance. Free tickets: 5

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